Creating a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Creating a Virtual Private Cloud

Spin Servers offers the ability to seamlessly create a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) across multiple bare metal servers. VPC empowers you to build private clouds at the click of a button. VPC’s offer private L2 connectivity – if you have multiple servers hosted with us, these servers can communicate with each other at 10Gbps (20Gbps with NIC teamed) over L2 network.

VPC also helps you save IPs. If you’re a hosting reseller or expect to use large numbers of IPs, you can add IPs on the fly rather than having to pre-provision a full range. With the outdated VLAN approach, you have to lease a full /24 (or larger) and commit to 256 IPs at once. With VPC, you can add 1 IP at a time as you need them directly through our Client Portal.

Here are the instructions to create/edit a VPC:

1.      Go to VPC Manager in the Services menu.

SpinServers VPC Manager

 2.      In the VPC Manager area, you can view all of your servers and the VPC group that they are in.

SpinServers VPC Manager Portal

3.      To create a new VPC, click “Create new VPC”. Note that you are only allowed as many VPC’s as you have servers. If you have 50 servers, you will be allowed to have a maximum of 50 VPC’s.

4.      In the example above, all of our servers are on the same VPC. To move them to a different VPC, click “Server Actions” and select “Change VPC”. Select the new VPC you’d like to move the server to.

SpinServers - Create New VPC 

Any create, edit, or delete actions within VPC will take 2-3 minutes to complete. Keep in mind that each VPC is formalizing an entirely new private L2 network for you!

There are other features you can request within VPC Manager, including additional IP addresses and server IPMI Access. Please check our Knowledge Base for instructions on these other operations in VPC Manager.

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