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High quality dedicated servers & VPS, without breaking the bank

Spin Servers is a US-based provider of dedicated servers, VPS, and cloud solutions. Our motto is to let you “spin up servers” fast, seamlessly, and affordably. Here are some of our defining features that make us one-of-a-kind:

Global, Local Operations

We work hard to scale operations globally, so that we can diversify services and provide you with cost-savings. But when it comes to service, we remember our small-business origins. Our customers always come first, and every team member’s first job is as a service representative. We like being on a first-name basis with our customers, so we may call just to introduce ourselves.

Vertically Integrated

We are one of the first and only hosting providers to be an integrated hardware reseller. We started as hardware enthusiasts that scavenged for deals on undervalued server equipment coming off-lease. We have come a long way since the ‘90’s; we’re now one of the largest resellers of pre-owned servers on the planet.

Quality Datacenter Facilities

Hosting services requires lots of partnerships in the backend. It’s possible for hosting providers to offer low prices by cutting corners on service, datacenter, IP quality, etc. We make none of these sacrifices. We only work with privately-owned datacenters whom we fully trust to co-handle our operations.

Spin Servers is the trade name for our website, but we are formally known as Majestic Hosting Solutions LLC. Our company headquarters is based in the DFW area. Our sales office is open from 9AM-6PM Central Time. Our mailing address is:

Majestic Hosting Solutions, LLC
1900 Surveyor Blvd
Suite #100
Carrollton, TX 75006

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