SpinServers Affiliate Program

Share and help promote SpinServers and earn profit on a monthly basis!

Are you a happy customer of SpinServers and would like to share the word about us? Or do you own a blog, website, or forum and would like to start making money by telling your website visitors, friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances about us? Join our affiliate program, where you will get paid out on a RECURRING basis.

SpinServers’ affiliate program is unique in that we believe in taking care of our affiliates. We not only pay you one-time, but every single time your referral renews their service with us, you get a cut for the life of the referral.

Affiliate payouts can be made via account credit or PayPal (your choice). Affiliate partners are subject to our Terms of Service.

How does it work?

We will provide you with a unique URL. Any visitor you refer to us using that URL will have a cookie stored within their web browser for the next 90 days. If they place an order (or multiple orders) with SpinServers any time within the 90 day period, the sale will be automatically tracked under your affiliate account, at which point you will earn a recurring commission for the lifetime of the referral.

Our affiliate program payout

Recurring Percentage10%
Sign Up Bonus$10 USD
Minimum Withdrawal$50 USD
Commission Delay60 Days
Activation TimeInstant

Refer customers and earn

Refer 10 customers to us paying ~ $50/month = $50/month
Refer 50 customers to us paying ~ $75/month = $375/month
Refer 100 customers to us paying ~ $100/month = $1000/month
Refer 200 customers to us paying ~ $150/month = $3000/month

* The above are just examples of what affiliates commonly earn with SpinServers. This is calculated based on our 10% recurring commission structure. The number of combinations and possibilities are really infinite!