SLA Agreement

Service Level Agreement

Spin Servers = trade name of Majestic Hosting Solutions, LLC.

SLA = Service Level Agreement

Our normal hours of operation are from 9am to 6pm Central Time, Monday-Friday. That's when we answer any billing or sales questions.

We reply to support tickets within 30 minutes.

Our dedicated servers are unmanaged, which means that we handle tickets relating to network, power, and any hardware faults. We do not provide support on software, kernel updates, security/hardening, etc.

All tickets must be submitted through our portal: Please be mindful when sending tickets. We consider it against AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) to submit multiple tickets on the same issue within a short timeframe, as this does not improve the support experience for you nor for other customers. If you have different issues or an important update on the same issue, then certainly feel free to submit additional tickets if it will help our team diagnose.

If you need a fully managed server, we suggest getting coverage from Platinum Server Management ( They are affordable and highly reviewed.

Network SLA

We retain a very simple Network SLA at Spin Servers.

Customer must be in compliance with all Master Terms, including Acceptable Use Policy and DMCA. Any violations in the past 60 days negate our service level agreements, as we may suspend or limit network access if you have recently violated the AUP.

Any credit mentioned below will not be provided to Customers with overdue balance, until past due balance is fully paid in accordance with the Master Terms. Network Outages caused by force majeure, network attacks (DDoS), network usage in excess of maximum port capacity, service suspension, or scheduled maintenance will not result in any credit. Spin Servers will not provide any credit to Customers clients, affiliates, or vendors. Credit does not apply to billing disputes.

We offer a 99.9% Network Uptime commitment. Our datacenter facility uses a multi-homed network with over 10 active ISPs, making it unlikely that you will ever experience a network outage other than the reasons mentioned above.

Below are the credits for failing to meet the network SLA.

99.9% or higher: 0% credit
98-99.9%: 4% credit
97-98%: 8% credit
96-97%: 10% credit
95-96%: 20% credit
94% or below: 40% credit

Credit will be calculated against the Monthly Recurring Charge of the service agreement for the specific product experiencing connectivity issues, and credit will be applied to the invoice for the following month. Maximum credit will be capped at the total cost of service.

In the event that we must schedule an emergency maintenance, we will provide at least 48 hours notice to the email address on file as well as place mention on the homepage of our website. Scheduled maintenance will not count against the Network SLA.

Notice of network outage and requests for credit must be made in writing via the Spin Servers ticketing system within 15 days of the event.

Power and Uptime SLA

Our Power and Uptime SLA applies to any bare metal server that directly, or indirectly (ie, blade server), receives redundant power. If you purchase a server that uses single power supply as mentioned on the product description, then the below credits will not apply if the outage is due to power supply. Many E3-1200 servers in particular use single power supplies.

Below are the credits listed for not meeting the power availability SLA:

99.999% or higher: 0% credit
99.99 to 99.999%: 4% credit
99-99.99%: 8%
98-99%: 15%
97-98%: 20%
96-97%: 25%
95-96%: 30%
94-95%: 40%
Below 94%: 50%

Notice of power outage and requests for credit must be made in writing via the Spin Servers ticketing system within 15 days of the event.

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