Bare Metal Private Cloud

Built for Hadoop, OpenStack, and more!

Spin Servers delivers enterprise-ready bare metal for your intensive private cloud computing requirements.


High Performance Bare Metal

Spin Servers deploys late-generation Dell PowerEdge, HP ProLiant, and Supermicro in order to meet your performance requirements.

Low Latency 20Gbps Capable Private Network

Our minimum network configuration is 2x 10Gbps to provide high-throughput private networking. We can also provide 40Gbps, 100Gbps, and custom private networks. We’ll help make sure your ports are sized right for your application.

Custom Network Solutions

Our in-house network engineers can custom-architect a network solution that fits your compute requirements. By default, we use Arista 10Gbps switches on our Juniper and Cisco backbone. Our team can manage your entire network infrastructure for you.

Get Direct Connect to the Public Cloud

We can quickly provision a dedicated cross-connect from your private cloud to AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and other major clouds.

Built for the Mid-Market

Most private cloud providers are either priced for large corporations or cannot offer the right SLA for mid-market corporations. We specifically built Spin Servers with you in mind. Our private cloud solutions provide the right level of personalized service and account management that mid-market businesses expect, all at affordable rates that you won’t find from the publicly-traded cloud providers.

Managed Firewall Services

We can provide managed (or unmanaged) hardware firewalls for your private cloud. We leverage Palo Alto and Cisco hardware to provide top-tier, cost-effective firewalls that we’ll manage for your staff.

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