Flexible IP (FlexIP)

Spin Servers offers a unique Flexible IP (FlexIP) model that provides several key advantages.

With FlexIP, you have full flexibility with IP addresses similar to public clouds running VM’s. You can seamlessly migrate IP addresses between servers. You don’t have to commit to large IP blocks in advance each time.

Spin Servers is the only infrastructure as a service company in the world offering this feature on bare metal servers.

Many other hosting companies offer simple VPC models such as VLAN. VLAN does not provide the advanced level of enterprise security, performance, and cost savings that our FlexIP VPC model provides.

Our FlexIP solution makes Spin Servers’ infrastructure services an ideal fit for hosting, cloud, and VPS providers. No longer do you have to deal with wasting IP addresses each time you announce a new IP range, and no longer do you have to manually set up IP/MAC bindings for virtual machines. SpinServers’ FlexIP completely automates all of this – so you can seamlessly provide hosting & VPS services within your bare metal servers.

Deploy Additional IPs in your client area for just $1/m each!

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