Our Server Hardware

Our hosting operations are completely vertically-integrated through an exclusive partnership with MET International. MET is a server hardware reseller that buys pre-owned servers and rebuilds them for companies with on-premise IT. Many Fortune 500 companies retire servers well before end-of-life for accounting purposes. MET strategically buys these servers at a discount from MSRP; we take these same servers and set them up for hosting. The result: our capital costs are extremely low.

When your dedicated servers are eventually retired, we give the servers back to MET who rebuilds and resells the hardware to companies that can still use them. As a reseller, MET's servers are an ASSET, not an expense.

Most other hosting providers buy servers from resellers (such as MET) and only keep these servers for the duration of your lease. This means that servers are an EXPENSE for other providers. This expense is factored into their prices. We pass these cost savings back to you.

The results: our dedicated servers are up-to 50% cheaper compared to other hosting providers. We provide the same exceptionally high level of service, and we use top-tier datacenters in each city of operation.

More information about MET's servers is available at www.metint.com.

Note: MET and Spin Servers have synergies in our operations & management of pre-owned servers, which allows us to achieve vertical integration. Please note that Majestic Hosting Solutions, LLC (dba Spin Servers) is a legally distinct entity from MET International, Inc. When you purchase a dedicated server, you are entering into a monthly agreement with Majestic Hosting Solutions, LLC. The company MET International, Inc is not liable for any facet of this transaction.

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