UPCOMING FEATURE: Spin Servers Launches VPC Style Network

  • Sunday, 18th August, 2019
  • 16:41pm

Spin Servers is pleased to announce our upcoming VPC style (virtual private cloud) network feature to the Spin Servers client portal, which will be available for use throughout the next few days (we will be rolling this out to our existing customers in segments throughout this coming week).

This is not a notification of any interruption to your service. You do not need to make any changes to your servers, this feature is 100% optional for you to use. This is simply a notification to let you know of an optional, free, and newly-available feature that you could potentially benefit from.

VPC is an enterprise grade networking feature that allows you safeguard your dedicated servers and maximize networking features that are only typically available in the big cloud computing environments. You can assign dedicated servers to the same or different VPC ID’s, and the network will automatically adjust your server ports accordingly.

As you order new servers, you will now see an option to enter a VPC ID - if you want the server to be put on an existing VPC – this is useful for sharing public/private IPs between servers, for example: 

VPC will also help you save IPs. Rather than having static subnets for each server, we can provide you with multiple IPs that you can dynamically move between VPCs. Typically, with most hosting providers, you would need to specifically request multiple servers to be placed within the same rack and it would be a custom arrangement in order to share IPs between servers. With our new VPC feature, regardless of physical server location within the datacenter, you will be able to share IP addresses seamlessly without any increased latency!

For clients that have owned IPv4 allocations, we can also announce your IPs at no additional charge, if you upload a LOA (Letter of Authorization) via the secure client portal's ticketing system.

VPC also provides clients with a firewall type feature. If you want your IPs to be private except for one public IP for your firewall, that is doable with VPC.

Additionally, the VPC style network makes Spin Servers’ infrastructure services now an ideal fit for hosting, cloud, and VPS providers. No longer do you have to deal with wasting IP addresses with the antiquated CIDR method of IP address networking, and no longer do you have to manually set up IP/Mac bindings for virtual machines. Our VPC network completely automates all of this – so you can seamlessly provide hosting & VPS services within your bare metal servers with Spin Servers. That said, if any customers are seeking a quote on a new server to use as a virtualization node, please feel free to contact our sales team – we have some new configs in stock that we can tailor for your needs!

The Spin Servers development team is continuously working on improving and adding more features to our VPC style network, and we welcome any and all feedback!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Question: This is great. When can I expect to start using this new feature? 
Answer: This will be rolled out to our customers in segments throughout the next few days. We will send you a personalized courtesy notice with at least 24 hours notice as to when this will be done for your server(s). No downtime or any changes to your environment are required during the changeover to the VPC style network - it is only a courtesy notice. Once your server(s) have been migrated  If you have multiple servers with Spin Servers, they will be all placed on the same VPC ID unless specifically otherwise requested.

Question: What is this? Do I need to do anything on my end? Is my server going to go offline? 
Answer: We do not anticipate any downtime. VPC is a new, optional feature for advanced use cases – such as those who want to set up private IPs, or virtualize their machine. We will send you a courtesy notice prior to switching to your existing server(s) to the new VPC style network.

Question: How do I access the VPC interface?
Answer: You can access it by navigating to Services, and selecting your server. From there, you will see a new VPC management interface. Please note you will not see this feature until your server has been migrated to our VPC network. 

Question: Does this mean I can now set up private IP addresses?
Answer: Yes, correct. If you wanted to only have certain IPs public, and certain IPs private – you can now do that for security purposes. 

Question: Can I order new dedicated servers, virtualize it, and have an IP Pool between my servers? 
Answer: Yes, with VPC, you can accomplish this with ease. When ordering your new dedicated servers, specify the VPC ID you want the new server to be placed with. You can then share IPs between all servers within that VPC ID.

Question: How much are additional IPs?
Answer: Contact our sales team by emailing [email protected] and we will help you out. 

Question: I have my own IPs, or I have leased IPs with a third party IP vendor. Can I announce them on your network? Is there a charge for this?
Answer: Yes, just provide us with a LOA (letter of authorization), and let us know which VPC ID you want for us to announce the IPs to. There is no charge for IP announcements.

Question: I want to order a new server with Spin Servers. Can you help me with a custom quote? 
Answer: Absolutely. Our sales team would love to help. Please email [email protected] with your requirements, and we’d be happy to tailor a build for you. (P.S. Now’s the time to celebrate this new & much awaited feature, which means our sales team is currently providing great deals right now!) We welcome you to at least contact us and see what we can do for you.

We will follow up with you again in a separate e-mail with a courtesy notice as to when your existing servers will be migrated to the VPC network. It is our goal to offer a seamless transition, and while we do not anticipate any downtime, we want you to know that we are available to assist and answer any questions you may have.


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