Silicon Valley Data Center Migration Status

  • Thursday, 15th December, 2022
  • 10:31am

Data Center Migration Status Page

Last month we announced our plans of migrating to a new data center in Silicon Valley, CA. We have outgrown our current data center which has prompted us to move to a new facility that enables us to grow even larger. This move will bring more features like carriers, colocation space, and a stronger network to name a few.

The migration is taking place on December 17th from 11 AM - 8 PM CST. If you have a service with us that is located in our current Silicon Valley (San Jose) data center, expect complete downtime during these hours. Your server(s) may come back online faster than the time frame depending on the speed/time your server is de-racked and re-racked. 


This page is intended to provide you with a status update on the current state of our migration during the whole process. All times are in CST.

12/17 - 10 am Central -- Truck has entered the facility, we are staging the site to remove equipment prior to powering down any servers.

12/17 - 11 am Central -- The first batch of cabinets of servers in the old data center are being taken offline and relocated. The network is still up and many servers are still online.

12/17 - 2 pm Central -- The first batch of have been migrated but not powered on. The next batch will start at this time  and network will also be migrated at this time, so all servers will temporarily be down. 

12/17 - 4pm Central - we are taking the network down temporarily from the old datacenter, so all servers will be down temporarily. 

12/17 - 7pm Central - the truck faced some delays. We expect the network to be up and client servers to start coming up soon. 

12/17 - 8pm Central: Network is up and backend fully restored. Client servers are starting to come online rapidly. 

12/17 - 9:30pm Central: Almost all servers are online. Troubleshooting a handful of servers. If your server isn't booted to the OS, please open a ticket for us to check. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which locations and servers does this affect?

A: This affects all servers and services in Silicon Valley (San Jose, California). This does not affect any servers in Dallas!

Q: Will my data be affected?
A: No. All data should remain intact. If you feel uneasy, it's always good practice to perform an off-site backup.

Q: Will I experience downtime?
A: Yes, your server will be powered down during the migration. We aim to complete the migration within approximately 8 hours.
We will power on your server as soon as it's successfully moved over.

Q: Will my primary IP address change?
A: No. IP addresses will remain the same along with all other assigned IP addresses.


Q: What will happen to my billing period?
A: We will advance your billing date by a single day to compensate you for the downtime.

Q: Will the Dallas data center be affected by the Silicon Valley migration?
A: No. All services in Dallas will remain untouched.

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