Spin Servers Introduces VPC Manager Update + IPMI Out-of-Band Access with its Dedicated Servers

  • Tuesday, 19th November, 2019
  • 10:00am

As if our recent standardization to 10Gbps (which was featured on ABC-News!), as well as our recent roll out to include Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network with all of our dedicated servers wasn't enough...

Spin Servers is transforming the way the world sees dedicated servers yet again, with additional features to better suit our customers (varying from individuals to businesses to large enterprises!) Spin Servers has never been a better fit than ever before for your infrastructure hosting needs - this is the perfect time to join or expand further with Spin Servers!

As a forward-driven company, Spin Servers strives to continuously innovate and add additional value to our customers, so that our customers have the tools and foundation that they need in order to be successful and ahead of their competition. After all, we are a firm believer that we are only as successful as much as our customers are, and we will do everything in our power to help our customers grow.

Introducing Spin Servers latest VPC Manager Update (now with IPMI out of band access)!

Are you a Spin Servers bare metal dedicated server customer? If so, your experience just got a whole lot better. 

NEW! IPMI (out-of-band) management console:

Spin Servers now provides the ability to set up IPMI access for all of your bare metal dedicated servers.

Customers who have their own IP prefixes announced can choose to utilize one of their IPv4 addresses, or customers utilizing Spin Servers IPs can choose to deploy IPMI for an additional + $1/month.

Once your IPMI group is created you will see the options to manage firewalled IPs (allowed IPs) for your IPMI interface. We would recommend locking down your IPMI interface to specific static IPs you will be using to access it for security reasons, so that it is not open to the whole wide world.

IPMI Allowed IPs

Within the above interface, you will be able to enter in allowed IPs and prefixes that you want IPMI access open to.

You will also be able to view your IPMI Login Credentials within the VPC Manager.

NEW! Public DNS Servers.

Want a fast & local DNS server to resolve to? Spin Servers now provides public DNS for customers to utilize - the DNS server IP can be found within the VPC Manager interface as well.

Place Multiple Servers into the same VLAN

If you have multiple dedicated servers with Spin Servers, you will now be able to place multiple servers within the same VLAN group (VPC network). This allows for you to share IP addresses between multiple servers. If you are a hosting provider, with this feature you are now able to create one large IP pool to save IPs. No longer do you need to have excess IPv4 addresses sitting on your servers.

Additionally, this allows for your bare metal servers to see each other on the Layer 2 Network Connectivity level.

VPC Network Support

NEW! Manage IP List

Now you are able to view your assigned IP addresses per server, in addition with its netmask/subnet and gateway information.

Manage IP List - Spin Servers

In addition, you are now able to add/order additional IPs from Spin Servers instantly to any of your dedicated servers for just $1/month each. We've brought this price down from our previous rate of $2/IP down to $1 - in order to add even more value to our customer's experience.

Add Additional IPv4 on Demand

Announce your own IP Addresses

Have your own IP prefixes? You can announce them with Spin Servers at no additional charge and utilize them between your servers with us. In addition, you will be able to split up your prefixes to different sizes. (for example, a /24 can be split into multiple /29's, /28's, etc).

Manage IP Prefixes

IP Prefixes Management

Spin Servers' goal is to make small, medium and large scale server deployments become affordable, accessible and easy for companies of any size.  From day one, Spin Servers has never taken any shortcuts. From investing into our resources and backbone, all the way up to our customized features we provide for our customers - Spin Servers delivers a unique IaaS experience that simply cannot be found anywhere else - a truly remarkable value! With thousands of servers in stock ready to be spun up on demand, please feel free to contact our sales team if you have any questions or if you would like a custom quote.

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