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Spin Servers' VPC Manager Portal allows you to self-manage IP addresses on the fly. You can add IP addresses for servers one at a time, and we will bill you on a monthly basis. This flexibility with IP addresses ends up reducing your operating costs.

In the traditional VLAN model that other dedicated server hosting companies use, a server needs at least a /30 subnet which gives you 1 usable IP while wasting the remaining IPs to announce the VLAN. Even larger subnets have to waste IPs. 

So with other hosting companies, if you are getting a server that will eventually need 300 IPs, you are forced to get a /23 (512 usable IPs). With Spin Servers, you can start with 1 IP and add IPs whenever you need to, in order to reach 300 IPs. This saves you tremendous amounts of money on IP addresses.

Below are the instructions for adding IP Addresses to your server.  

1.      Go to VPC Manager in the Services menu.

SpinServers VPC Manager

 2.      In the VPC Manager portal, click on "Server Actions" next to the server that you'd like to add extra IP addresses. 

VPC Manager Server Actions

3.      Click on Manage IP List. 

4.      Select how many IP Addresses you would like to add to your server and click OK. 

Add IP Addresses


The additional IPs will be usable immediately! We will open a ticket and send you an invoice to pay the prorated monthly fee. 

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