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Announce My Own Subnet on the Spin Servers network (/24 or Larger) Print

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Spin Servers will announce your IPv4 subnet (/24 or larger) on our ASN, allowing you to buy your own IP's in bulk and use them as you please on our servers. There is no cost to this service.

This is a great opportunity for VPS and web hosting resellers to save on wholesale IP prices, by leasing or buying directly with a IP reseller. 

Here are the instructions for announcing an IP block in our portal. 

1.      Go to VPC Manager in the Services menu.

SpinServers VPC Manager

2. Click on "Manage Prefixes" at the top of the page. Enter the prefix you'd like to announce and click "Add".

Add Your Own Prefix - SpinServers

3. Send an LOA to [email protected], demonstrating that you have the authorization for us to announce this IP block.


Once your IP block is announced, you'll need to assign the IP subnet to a VPC. Click here to learn about VPC configuration.

1. In "VPC Manager", click on "VPC Actions" next to the VPC name where you'd like to add your IP subnet. Click "Manage Subnets".

2. Add your subnet in the "Parent Prefix" column. If you have a /23 or larger, you can break the block into smaller subnets across different VPC's!

Manage VPC Subnets


You can now utilize any of your subnet's IP addresses on any server within that VPC! Your VPC will provide you private L2 connectivity for your IP block, so rest assured that no other servers on the Spin Servers network will ever be able to try spoofing your IP addresses. 

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